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"Awareness Is Life." SHAUOOR

شعور زندگی ہے- (شعور)

Welfare Centers
فلاحی ادارے


"Awareness Is Life." (SHAUOOR)

شعور زندگی ہے- (شعور)

Karachi Center

Working as a social welfare organization, we have often realized that many women are suffering from miserable circumstances because of being uneducated and unskilled. A major part of women population has no knowledge or skill to earn for herself and her family if she ever confronts with
unfortunate situations like being divorced, becoming a widow, or injustice from family. Our Sponsorship Program supports a lot of cases like this on monthly basis. Yet, moving towards “Insufficiency to Self-Sufficiency” by eradicating the root cause of joblessness and helplessness for such women,
Karachi Center was established to help women and young girls develop skills in order to become self-sufficient and strong enough to cope up with hard times. The center offers following skill development trainings:
1. Beautician Courses
2. Stitching Courses
3. Computer courses

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After completing these trainings, many ladies have started to earn for themselves. The center is dedicated to bring a positive societal impact by gradually increasing its capacity as well as introducing a variety of new course to generate a greater impact and success ratio.

Dina Center

This center has become a great success story for us where numerous women attribute their success to learning skills and earning substantial
amounts of money to lead a content life. The skilled women of the center eventually collaborated with the management to initiate رٹنس روزاگر) Sale Center). رٹنس روزاگر) Sale Center) is a place in the vocational center where skilled women display their stitched and embroidered clothes for sale. Many of them are successfully selling their crafted goods through this center aspire many others to do so.
Shauoor Vocational Center in Dina (Jhelum) is one of the most imminent achievements of our work history.
Women education is one of our major concern areas, especially in backward areas where women get lesser opportunities to become an effective member of society. Promoting this aim, this center is currently serving in Dina (Jhelum) with the target of educating women and making them skilled. This step was taken for poverty alleviation in the area with the vision of coaching women
to support their families and make constructive contributions. Here we offer courses regarding multiple employable vocational skills to women in order to make them self-dependent.

Computer Center

Various types of computer courses ranging from basic to advanced level are taught to local women to get them familiar with technological advancements of the world. This computer training is a convenient opportunity for them to either work from home on online platforms or by getting a computer-related job in a respective work area.

Center Embroidery

Women in these rural areas are usually very interested in and familiar with stitching and embroidery of clothes. We just train them professionally and groom their skill so they can make marketable crafted pieces and earn for themselves. Our stitching and embroidery courses have successfully trained many women who are now earning through the Rozgar Center.

Self-Grooming and Beauty Parlor

Other courses we offer at the center include mehndi art courses, self-grooming, and various types of beautician courses starting from basic to advanced levels. This skill is also a good way for women to earn for themselves and even start their own business setups.

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