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کلاتھ بینک

Cloth Bank

Whoever takes care of his brother, Allah takes care of him. Bukhari and Muslim

جو شخص اپنے بھائی کی حاجت روائی کرتا ہے، اللہ اس کی حاجت روائی کرتا ہے ۔ (بخاری و مسلم)

Cloth Bank Program
کلاتھ بینک

Cloth Bank

"Whoever takes care of his brother, Allah takes care of him." (Bukhari and Muslim)

جو شخص اپنے بھائی کی حاجت روائی کرتا ہے، اللہ اس کی حاجت روائی کرتا ہے۔ (بخاری و مسلم)

Clothes are a basic human requirement; however, many people are still deprived of having them. There are families who struggle to provide themselves and their loved ones with something as minor as clothes to wear. Shauoor’s Cloth Bank Program facilitates people with casual and formal garments to meet their daily, seasonal, and occasional needs. The
program is funded by donors, volunteers, members, and anyone else who wants to contribute by giving the following:

a) Pre-loved Clothes
b) Extra Sets of Clothes
c) Formal Clothes
d) Wedding Dresses
e) Finances to buy clothes
f) New Clothes
g) Brand-new and pre-owned footwear
h) Essential items such as blankets

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Cloth Bank

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Shauoor staff and volunteers collect, sort, and clean donated clothing and gift them to the needy families. These gifts are disbursed throughout the year while special campaigns are carried out during peak winter season, natural disasters and ‘Eid seasons’. Our cloth bank program organizes celebration functions for providing new ‘Eid clothes to needy children and families. Distributing ‘Eid gifts as Eidi is such a delightful moment making those innocent faces smile in joy. Besides, wedding dresses are issued on affordable rent out to those families who cannot afford such luxuries on their special occasions, yet the bride can enjoy wearing her dream dress while saving on expenses. During the recent flood in 2022, people entrusted us a huge amount of clothing donations with the spirit of helping flood affectees. Many successful donation drives across Pakistan were organized by Shuaoor distributed sorted and clean clothes, household goods, blankets, and beddings in many flood-affected areas. Cloth Bank program promotes simple, compassionate, and eco-friendly lifestyle by fostering a culture of sharing, caring and recycling. Thousands of clothing items, home textiles, furniture, toys, and books have been distributed all over Pakistan to poor families via this program.

Cloth Bank

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Cloth Bank

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Grateful to Dr. Abid Butt for cooperation. Try to save this orphan’s life. Tuberculosis, There is a fear of. More help will be needed.

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